Beryl is a mineral species that occurs in various colors. The well known varieties are emerald and aquamarine. When pink, is known as morganite, while yellow and golden are known as Heliodor. Beryl rarely occurs in red. This Heliodor Aromajewel features a surprising subtle shimmer known as schiller effect. The effect is from the interplay of light reflecting from tiny gaseuos bubbles aligned on the pinacoid of the crystal structure


Heliodor Hexagonal Pendant

  • Heliodor,  22 X 20 mm, 28.4 cts.

    Price includes a 24" vermeil snake chain ( 24k gold plated sterling silver) and 2  1.0 ml pre-selected vial of aromatherapy fragrance, with energising and tranquilizing actions.

    Watch Video to learn how to fill your gemstone with Aromatherapy Fragrances.

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