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Kendra Grace was born and raised in Brazil, coming to the United States in the mid-seventies. Kendra is one of the pioneers of classic aromatherapy in the United States. She has traveled the world for over thirty years, extensively studying and researching her multifaceted background of aromatherapy, natural stones and the healing arts. She wrote the Aromatherapy Pocketbook, which was released in two editions, 1994 and 1999. Her writings on aromatherapy are also available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Kendra’s latest work, “Aromatherapy, Crystals & Vibrational Healing” presents a compilation of 20 years of her passionate work with elements from the natural world.

Kendra has produced, filmed and directed Precious Essence, a feature documentary on the distillation and history of precious flowers oils, filmed on location in five continents around the world. See the trailer here.

She is the sole inventor of the world-recognized line of jewelry trademarked as Aromajewels®.

Kendra talks about her experience creating her mind child, Aromajewels®:

“There are times when the creative mind is involved in expressing something beyond technical expertise gratification. These are the moments when past, present, and future disappear and a creation is manifested forth as if transmitting from source something archetypal and timeless. From dimensional play comes another innovation into our physical world. Suspended, in awe, the creative mind touches something that has an intrinsic ability for recognition of an exciting invention. This has been my experience in creating what is now world recognized as Aromajewels®.”


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