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Aromajewels® present a magnificent synergy of mineral and and plant kingdoms , creating a talisman.

AromaJewels® are beautifully handcrafted gemstone and quartz crystal fragrant jewelry. State of the art gem carving is employed in drilling and polishing a tiny well to hold a drop of perfume within the jewel, which will not spill even if the jewel is inverted. The scent evaporates by “time release” evaporating gradually as it envelops the user in subtle fragrance.

AromaJewels® are fragrant gems, a unique personal mini diffusers of scent. Use AromaJewels® and experience a perfect synergy, transmitting the power of plant and oils with the energetic influence of color stones and quartz crystals.

Aromatherapy Jewelry designer and artisan perfumer Kendra Grace invented the jewelry line AromaJewels® in the late eighties and continues to establish a classic by combining two mediums to create a new dimension in gemstone jewelry.

Kendra, for three decades, has been a passionate researcher of the therapeutic effects of scent in the brain. She uses natural essential oil perfumes diluted in a liquid wax from a desert plant, jojoba, to create a synergy with her chosen gemstones: aquamarines, morganites, emerald, amethyst, citrine, rutilated quartz, tourmalines, crysopraise, garnets, crysacola, topazes, peridot, chalcedony, lapis lazuli, etc. Aromatherapy Jewelry.

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