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Aquamarine means "seawater" and In Ayurvedic texts it relates to clearing the throat chakra, causing emotional stability, tranquility and clear communication. It is a Yin influence and very cooling . In astrology it is ruled by the planet Venus. Synergy for Aromajewels best with neroli and chamomiles.


Uniquely Sculpted Aquamarine Flame

  • Aquamarine (large), 48mm x28 mm, 106 cts.

    Price includes a 24" sterling silver  vermeil snake chain and 2 1.0 ml pre-selected vial of aromatherapy fragrance, energising and tranquilazing effects.


    Watch Video to learn how to fill your gemstone with Aromatherapy Fragrances.

  • We guarantee your purchase. Our reputation for quality and value is important to us. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we will replace, refund or credit as you choose. Save your invoice and return the undamaged item by insured mail within ten days time.

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