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Aromajewels® are skillfully handcrafted crystals and gems. State of the art gem carving techniques are employed in drilling and polishing a tiny well to hold a drop of perfume within the jewel, which remains filled even if the jewel is inverted. the perfume evaporates gradually as it envelopes you in subtle fragrance.


Rutilated Quartz is a quartz crystal that has included in its natural formation, needles of titanium dioxide, known as rutile. Colors can vary as gold, copper, reddish or silver. It can occur in smoky or clear quartz crystal. It's quality is energizing to the solar plexus, affecting the nervous system with a tonic effect similar to stimulant essential oils such as sage, peppermint, basil and harmonizing jasmine. Observed by Gurudas, it helps with assimilation of life force and nutrients, stimulating the immune system. Balanced between Yin and Yang.



Rutilated Quartz Icicle Earrings

  • Golden Rutilated Quartz set in 18K gold. Total length 47mm.

    Price includes 1.0 ml pre-selected vial of aromatherapy fragrance.

    Watch Video to learn how to fill your gemstone with Aromatherapy Fragrances.

  • We guarantee your purchase. Our reputation for quality and value is important to us. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we will replace, refund or credit as you choose. Save your invoice and return the undamaged item by insured mail within ten days time.

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