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Summerlove [Anti-depressant, Aphrodisiac]
Summer—Magnetism peaks into union, time stretches in delight, as Queen and King of all fragrant blooms, jasmine and rose, supports our love. Contains: Jasmin grandiflorum and Rosa centifolia. 


Intimacy [Breath stimulant, Improves memory]
Winter —Lingering nights, quiet times to touch within, bringing from the depths of our being feelings of strength and wholeness, like the breath of trees in the forest. Contains: Pinus sylvestres, Cedrus atlantica, Juniperus communis (berries), Vanilla planifolia, Evernia prunastri (tree moss). 


Holiday [Aphrodisiac, Euphoric, Tonic]
Time for celebration and getaway— a new place or an unforgettable even— a scent for marking with joy, our way of celebration! Contains: Cananga odorata, Citrus limon, Cinnamomum verum, Elletaria cardamomum, Eugenia aromatica, Mentha piperita, Rose maroc. 


Dreams [Sedative, Anti-stress]
Autumn—As the long days of light begins to shorten, summer fades into magical dreams
of autumn, giving us scented memories. Contains: Cananga odorata, Citrus aurantium, Citrus reticulata, Elletaria cardamomum, Lavandula angustifolia. 


Inspiration [Anti-stress, Refresher, Stimulating]
Spring—Spring arrives. We emerge with wings of inspiration to begin again, renew and feel exhilarated! Contains: Abies alba, Cinnamomum camphora, Citrus aurantium, Citrus bergamus, Myrtus communis, Piper cubeba, Vertiveria zizanoides.

Aromatherapy Perfume Set

  • Designed by Kendra Grace. 5 Aromatherapy Perfumes with 100% natural essential oils extended in Jojoba.
    1.0 ml each.


    Kendra Grace's understanding of the complex world of scent is as therapeutically proficient and aesthetically inspired as that of the master artist. An perfumer, Grace creates expressive natural aromatherapy perfumes undertoned with the sensuous and alchemic properties of natural essential oils.

  • We guarantee your purchase. Our reputation for quality and value is important to us. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we will replace, refund or credit as you choose. Save your invoice and return the undamaged item by insured mail within ten days time.

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