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Experience A New Dimension In Aromatic Jewelry...

This sensational concept by Kendra Grace is a quality jewel and a miniature personal diffuser for fragrances and essential oils. It combines the plant and mineral kingdoms of nature in magnificent synergies.

Aromajewels® are skillfully handcrafted crystals and gems. State of the art gem carving techniques are employed in drilling and polishing a tiny well to hold a drop of perfume within the jewel, which remains filled even if the jewel is inverted. the perfume evaporates gradually as it envelopes you in subtle fragrance of essential oils and flower extracts .

AromaJewels® Unique Aromatic Jewelry


Featured Item Featured Item Featured Item Featured Item Featured Item
Swing Heart

Rose Quartz Heart

Topaz Drop

Topaz Drop

Rutilated Quartz Swingheart

Rutilated Quartz

Dark Amethyst Flame

Dark Amethyst

Quartz Crystal Spiral Ring

Quartz Crystal

AromaJewels® have been featured in mainstream publications like the ones below among others!


The Lapidary Journal
Jewelry Artist
Secrets of Aromatic
Jeweler's Circular
Glamour Magazine  Healing Lifestyles
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Yoga Magazine Featured Article The Timeless Watch

Almost one decade into the 21st Century, comes the Timeless Watch, delivering aroma for relaxation. In a fast moving world, the Timeless Watch message is: 

"it is time to stop and smell the roses…"

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