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Essential Oils Documentary DVD

Precious Essence DVD

Produced, directed, written, filmed and narrated 
by Kendra Grace. 60 minutes.

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Precious Essence is a documentary DVD film reporting on the production of the essential oils of flowers. It takes place in the classic locations around the world for each activity: Bulgaria for roses, France for lavender, India for Jasmine, and Tunisia for orange blossoms. This motion picture depicts the flower fields and distilleries. In India the documentary presents a complete report on the making of stick incense. This program explores the therapeutic value of these essences that are the foundation of the fragrance industry, and the history of the different ethnic groups involved in the production of the flower oils or essences. Included is a Yoruba plant myth and a ritual using fragrant plants to invoke the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Africa in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. The essentials oils documentary DVD features aromatherapy author and artisan perfumer Kendra Grace, delivering the different reports for each location. This 60 minute DVD has a menu of choices for the different world locations and reports.


Precious Essence DVD Precious Essence DVD Precious Essence DVD Precious Essence DVD Precious Essence DVD

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